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May 8th, 2012 Comments: 45

Vizardz Light Box ~ Review and Giveaway ~


As a photographer, I love finding new and different ways to display the fruits of my craft.  Though I love Canvas and Aluminum has a special place on my wall, there is nothing better than finding that perfect way to display your favorite shot.  Vizardz allows you do do just that.  Using their special 2.5D technology, you can display your favorite shots in a light box, nightlight, or ornament.  You can also get additional Picture inserts for the Nightlight or Light Box, so you can change images with your mood or as the kids continue to grow.

I chose to review the light box.  Here is my original still:

Here is the lightbox:

I am suitably pleased with the results.  My husband was in awe.  I have no idea where I am going to display this beautiful piece, but I will be very proud to do so.

Here is what Vizardz.com has to say about the about the 2.5D process

2.5D pictures combine a three-dimensional topography with your two-dimensional digital photographs and images. This combination adds depth, texture, and contrast to breathe life into your ordinary photos. When light is applied to a Vizardz 2.5D picture, the stunning beauty of our technique is demonstrated, rendering the image in 3D. These 2.5D pictures are available as Night Lights, Ornaments, and Light Boxes. With so many ways to see your photos come to life, why not hold your memories today?


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( 45 )
  1. DAMIAN JARREAU May 8th, 2012 8:47

    i like 2.5D night lights

  2. Elaine Bell May 8th, 2012 9:35

    The nightlights would be awesome for grandkids!

  3. Michael (CihaGratis) May 8th, 2012 12:55

    Oops! Google Chrome could not find http://www.vizarda.com

  4. Melissa Shirley May 8th, 2012 21:32

    I like the  Personalized 2.5D Ornament

  5. tami husak May 8th, 2012 21:34

    night lights

  6. Allyson Bossie May 8th, 2012 21:38

    I like the 2.5D Night light

  7. jodi lasher May 8th, 2012 21:41

    i love the night light also

  8. Gricelda Castro May 8th, 2012 21:42

    I like that you can use it as a nightlight

  9. Liza May 8th, 2012 21:45

    Personalized 2.5D Ornament

  10. Emily Blewett May 8th, 2012 21:47

    The web link is misspelled. It should be http://www.vizardz.com. :) I really like the full-color nightlights and the ornaments!

  11. STEVEN GRIMES May 8th, 2012 22:13

    I agree, the nightlights are awesome for kids.

  12. lisa lo May 8th, 2012 22:14

    The 3D sculptures are cool and I also like the ornaments too.

  13. stacey dempsey May 8th, 2012 22:22

    i love the 3 d scupltures, they are really cool

  14. ellen May 8th, 2012 22:34

    I love their 3D sculptures- amazing details!

  15. Carrie May 8th, 2012 22:39

    I like the night lights

  16. Jessica Bradley May 8th, 2012 22:52

    I love these light boxes!!

  17. Jeannette Laframboise May 8th, 2012 23:13

    I found it interesting that they not only produce the vizardz-light-box but also ornaments, Inserts, 3D Sculptures.

  18. autumn kelly May 8th, 2012 23:47
  19. Gianna May 9th, 2012 1:06

    2.5D pictures combine a three-dimensional topography with your two-dimensional digital photographs and images.

  20. Sandy VanHoey May 9th, 2012 3:21

    Love the night lights and how great for a kids room to have a pic of family lit up

  21. nata May 9th, 2012 5:46

    the 3 d scultures look amazing

  22. amanda roach May 9th, 2012 6:18

    i like the night lights.

  23. Zanita.H May 9th, 2012 6:26

    The nightlights are a really neat way to display pics..

  24. andrea May 9th, 2012 7:04

    I like the nightlights too :)

  25. Shaina Szymoniak May 9th, 2012 7:05

    I like the night lights!

  26. Debbie Clauer May 9th, 2012 7:21

    I like the 3D sculptures.

  27. christine jessamine May 9th, 2012 8:24

    i like the 2.5d ornaments!

  28. Jennifer Rote May 9th, 2012 8:39

    The 3D Sculptures are really cool looking.

  29. april yedinak May 9th, 2012 9:10

    I like the personalized ornaments

  30. Kathleen Quinlan May 9th, 2012 10:47

    I love the Night-lite, that would suit me just fine.:)

  31. Robin Quick May 9th, 2012 12:41

    I like the 3D sculptures

  32. Cristina Wyatt May 9th, 2012 14:59

    I like the personalized Night Light

  33. the Zoo Keeper May 9th, 2012 19:57

    I love the light box!

  34. Tami Valentine May 10th, 2012 0:13

    I like the night lights

  35. sarah rainwater May 10th, 2012 1:55

    These are very calming!

  36. Andrea Amy May 10th, 2012 1:58

    my kids would love the nightlights

  37. TRACY SIMMS May 10th, 2012 7:48

    I am glad there is a night light..I have to keep a big light on for my sons so this would be great to have..thanks, simms3710@yahoo.com

  38. faith chukwuka May 10th, 2012 14:09

    Personalized 2.5D Light Box i like it a lot because you can just order more pictures to add to your box

  39. Lauren B May 10th, 2012 15:24

    the 2.5D ornaments

  40. Seyma Shabbir May 11th, 2012 22:11

    The nightlights where you can put the picture in.

  41. Tammy Graham May 11th, 2012 22:49

    I love the ornaments

  42. Phoenix May 12th, 2012 0:26

    The 3D sculptures are fascinating.

  43. Amy Baker May 12th, 2012 9:36

    I love the light boxes and the ornaments…these are soooo cool! I know what Santa is bringing this year :) Thanks for the introduction to a new product!

  44. Brian Smith May 12th, 2012 18:30

    I like everything, I did not know such things existed…I have some great mountain pics from my last trip to yellowstone that would look awesome in any of these!

  45. chelsie fletcher May 15th, 2012 0:45

    Visit the Vizardz website and tell me a something that interests you. I’m game for anything & the Vizardz has some great gift ideas! ;)

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